Make Mine Mini - all your questions answered!

Hey Maker! If you've just joined Make Mine Mini, or thinking about it, you might have a few questions. So I've put together an FAQ to cover some of these for you.

Members of Make Mine Mini will find this information (plus more) inside the learning platform as well :)  I'm going to scatter some pics of past MMM projects in to break up all the text and because I like pics ;)

Okay let's get stuck in with allll the answers to allll your questions.If I've missed something, get in contact and drop me an email!

If I join Make Mine Mini, which patterns do I get access to?

You’ll get the current month’s patterns available in the month you sign up. I.e. if you sign up in June, you’ll get the June patterns.  You receive two brand new patterns plus a bonus pattern. That’s a value of $17 worth of patterns for just $9.99. Much more cost efficient than purchasing them separately – especially when you factor in the extra bonuses – resources, an exclusive discount and best of all, a fun community! Plus you can use your membership discount to save on purchasing past patterns.

How do I access the course?

There are a few ways you can get to Make Mine Mini!

First option – direct link. You can head to this link and then bookmark it for future reference.

Second option – click the link in one of the emails that I send out about MMM

Third option – log in from the website

Desktop version: There’s a purple button in the top right corner saying “Log in to membership/QALS”. This is for you. Click on this, sign in, then it will bring you to the page listing the courses you have enrolled in. Or once signed in, you can click “My Courses” on the menu at any time to access the courses you’ve purchased.

Mobile version: Tap the hamburger menu (the three lines) on the top left of your screen, Click “Login to Membership/QAL’s”. Click on this, sign in, then it will bring you to the page listing the courses you have enrolled in. Or once signed in, you can click “My Courses” on the menu at any time to access the courses you’ve purchased.

I've logged in from the website but the course isn't showing?

If you're using your phone or ipad to access, it may not log you directly into the membership. The login button from the main website ( is a one-stop-shop for the membership and other QALs. When you log in from the website, it will take you to your Account page. Click Home and it'll bring up the courses you're enrolled in and you can access it from there.

How do I download my patterns?

Everything is hosted on the learning platform. Log in there and once in Make Mine Mini, you’ll find a whole bunch of information.

Head to the section for the current month. In that section, you'll find the pattern name with the word download included in it (see highlighted by the purple arrows in the image below). Click on the name of the pattern and it'll bring up the PDF on your screen. In the image below you'll see in each of the pink circles is a little icon - this means there is a downloadable file.

Click on those and it'll open up the page where the download is.

Make sure to download the pattern and save it. Simply click on the PDF image under "Download" (circled in purple here). You'll then either find it in your downloads folder on your computer, or it will automatically open in your PDF reader. Save it from there. Save it to your computer, save it to a USB device, save it to cloud storage. Just make sure to save your patterns! :)

If you're using an iPad, it'll ask if you want to download the pattern. Tap download. If using Safari, it'll go into the Download folder. You can find this next to the URL bar - it's a circle with a downward arrow. Tap that and it'll open the Download folder. Tap your PDF there and you can access it.

snails pace paper pieced pattern featuring a snail with a ring of mushrooms sewn in fabric with a blue background

How do I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel, I'll be sad to see you go but understand things come up and sometimes subscriptions need to be cancelled.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  There is no lock in. Once you cancel your subscription, your access to this learning platform will cease at the end of the billing cycle

If you ask me to cancel your subscription on your behalf, please note that it takes effect immediately. So it's better if you cancel your subscription so you still have access for the time that you have paid for.

To cancel:

  1. Click the profile photo in the top right corner (if using the desktop version), or Click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the top right corner (if using the mobile version).
  2. From the drop down menu, click on "My Account"
  3. Select "Billing" from the menu on the left
  4. Click on "Subscriptions"
  5. Select Cancel under Actions.

If you wish to rejoin the Make Mine Mini Membership, you will need to sign up again at  Please keep in mind that if you join again, the subscription price will be the current price at the time. Any previous discounts or earlybird pricing will no longer apply.

If you do choose to cancel your subscription, I'd love if you could fill out a brief survey on why, so that I can ensure I can continue to improve the membership and make it something that really suits you lovely makers :)

 Can I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately there's not an option on the platform to simply pause your subscription if that particular month's patterns don't appeal to you. You do have the option of cancelling your subscription at any time, and you can always resubscribe if you decide you want to join again later. Please keep in mind that when you resubscribe it would be at the current pricing at the time - previous discounts or earlybird pricing will no longer apply.

How do I update my payment details?

If you need to update your payment details, just click on the profile image on the top right of your screen when you’re logged in. That will take you to your Account. Once there, click Billing. You can update your payment details there.

What happens if I miss downloading the patterns for the month?

Patterns available on the platform are the ones current for each month. For example, if it's September, only the September patterns will be shown on the platform. Once we head into October, the September patterns are removed, and only the October patterns will be shown on the platform and so on, and so forth ;).

What's that mean for you? SAVE YOUR PATTERNS! :) I'm not yelling, just emphasising ;)

Save to your computer, save to a USB drive, save to cloud storage - just save your patterns so that you can access them.

Anything that is a PDF in the curriculum can be downloaded and saved. Videos cannot be saved - you will need a current subscription to Make Mine Mini to access them.

I will send an email at the end of the month that contains links to download your pattern. Look for an email titled "Download your {month} patterns!" and you'll find links in there to get your patterns in case you haven't had a chance to save them. 

Where can I use the discount code?

You can use it in the pattern shop on any of the PDF patterns. You can find the pattern shop here:

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