Foundation Piece Pattern expert Kristy Lea of Quiet Play Designs

Behind the rainbow

When asked my favourite colour, I can’t narrow it down. The answer is rainbow. But when asked my favourite quilting technique, now that’s an easy one: foundation paper piecing!

There’s something about those crisp angles, those perfect points, the way it feels like some sort of mystery puzzle as you piece it together, but the end result is a beautiful sewn block. 

My goal is to create fun and modern foundation pieced patterns for the modern quilter. That means no y-seams, no partial seams, clear instructions, and a pattern that turns out every time. 

My quilting journey started in 2011 and I tacked my first foundation pieced project within the first six months. Once I started FPPing, I didn’t look back. It quickly moved into designing my own patterns, and all these years later here we are. Spreading FPP fun everywhere I possibly can!

If you're ready to start your FPP journey, my signature beginner's course, Foundation Paper Piecing Made Easy, is for you.

Let's Create

  • Cutting a foundation piece pattern

    Make Mine Mini

  • Three bright foundation pieces including a cat, unicorn and rabbit.


  • FPP quilt with bright geometric designs


  • A turquoise FPP quilt with sewing themed illustrations.

    Quilt Alongs