The Sum of Us

Join us for a fun little collaboration to celebrate friendship and share a love of quilting!

What's it all about?

Each month from June til November we'll be sharing a free block with you - but with a twist! It's one block in three different ways! I've teamed up with two amazing makers and friends, Nic from Craftapalooza and Angie from Gnomeangel to each put our own spin on a block design!

Bestie: first block - Kristy's version

How does it work?

Each month for 6 months, starting on the 1st June, there will be one block available for free each month. The blocks are available in three different styles (foundation pieced, hand pieced and template pieced). At the end of each month, the patterns become available for purchase. But don't worry, if you're signed up, we'll send out an email to let you know when the free patterns are ready to download so you don't miss out. Plus those on the newsletter list will have a chance to catch up on any blocks they missed. By the end of the event, you'll have a whopping 18 PDF patterns to choose from to make your favourite versions of the six blocks.

Bestie: first block - Nic's version

How do I get involved?

Sign up with any of the three of us (Angie, Nic or me!) and you'll get an email when each of the blocks is available at the beginning of the month. First block goes out 1st June.


Each of us has also designed a fun quilt layout so you'll get three different options on how you can put your blocks together at the end of the event!

Bestie: first block - Angie's version

The Fine Print

Full disclosure - by signing up to the Sum of Us, you will be subscribing to each of the designers' newsletter lists (Angie from Gnomeangel, Nic from Craftapalooza, Kristy from Quiet Play). You can unsubscribe anytime, but you'll need to stay subscribed to receive the Sum of Us blocks for the full 6 months. Plus we love to share our quilting shenanigans in our newsletters so we'd love to have you stick around!

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