Ready for some Mini Quilt Magic?

I love making mini quilts. I mean don't get me wrong, I love making bigger quilts too, but when it comes to foundation paper piecing, I realllllly love making mini quilts.

If you've foundation paper pieced, you know that sometimes it can be a time consuming technique. Particularly if it's a detailed pattern. And one thing I love about FPP - it's the detailed patterns ;) So when it comes to making a project, I love that I can spend the time on the piecing and create something fun and pretty - like a mini quilt!

I'm working on a little something fun revolving all around mini quilts. Before we dive into that, let's pretty up this post with some photos. So here's a couple of my fave mini quilts I've made.

Why Make Mini Quilts?

Wondering what the purpose of a mini quilt is? First and foremost - decoration! These make the perfect cute wallhangings to have in your sewing room (or let's be honest, any room of the house!). They're also useful as little table toppers, or even placemats.

I find I often get bored making the same block over and over, so I really love that I can take one particularly favourite block and turn it into a cute mini quilt quite easily. It was while doing this that I was thinking about all the bonuses of making mini, and I ended up down a rabbithole. All of a sudden I've decided it's time we have a mini quilt option here at Quiet Play!

So here's a first little mention about something new to Quiet Play - Make Mine Mini! It's perfect for the mini quilt lover, the foundation paper piecer, and the quilter who just wants an excuse to play with fabric (and really, isn't that all of us?).

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