No-HST Squash Blossom Block

I love the traditional Squash Blossom block. It's so striking and looks amazing when you repeat the block pattern. What I don't love however is all the HSTs (half square triangles). Particularly when made the traditional way. All that trimming - blergh!

Squash Blossom quilt block made without using Half Square Triangles

I've made the block the HST way... but... when I decided I'd had enough of HSTs, I worked out an option to piece this block without any HSTs, or weird angle cuts. And here it is to share with you! By creating flying geese units (and half flying geese units), you can put this block together very quickly.

I've written out a bit of a tutorial on how to make the Squash Blossom block the easy way. It makes for an 18" finished block. At this size, you just need 9 blocks for a decent size lap quilt - hooray for a quick sew! You can also choose to download it as a PDF and save for when you're ready to sew up your next Squash Blossom block.

I love how this block looks in solids, but it's also a fun one to experiment with prints. Also change the background colours for a completely different look. You can see how I used two different background colours in the block below to create an almost stripe look to the finished quilt.

Squash Blossom quilt block made without using Half Square Triangles in three solid colours


Squash Blossom block made into a quilt using three solid colours

Now you're ready to go out and make a whollllle bunch of these blocks and put them together into a gorgeous quilt. One of the fun parts of this block is planning your design. Just changing the colours around can give an entirely different look to your quilt. So go play, have fun, and make a fantastic quilt without having to trim a single HST! Happy sewing!

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